Our Market

Our unique approach lets us grow and deliver the finest produce, starting from the selection of the highest quality seed to crispy, fresh-cut and shelf-ready basil. We cut costs for our customers by delivering directly from our farm to their docking platform, anytime, anywhere, without mediators!

As fresh herb exporters,

we can follow our vision of controlling our product development and marketing from seed to customer.

Our produce is marketed all year round to premium buyers in Europe and North America – who value our unique basil and have supported us in this project almost from its inception.

Wholesalers and packers

can now guarantee their end customers a year-round supply of the freshest, cleanest basil, harvested from the first crop only, with a longer shelf life at competitive prices.

As a single grower, we save our clients time and money on pallet inspection of several unknown growers, and we guarantee the same top quality produce for all their orders.

We work with GlobalGAP regulations and we are open to any client audits as required, such as: Tesco, M&S , LEAF, Smeta.

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Contact us to hear how we can provide you with an ongoing supply of our premium basil!