Our Technology

Evolved cultivation method


has revolutionized basil cultivation through automation. Relying on almost three decades of personal experience, coupled with the relentless drive to develop an advanced technological solution that will allow us to consistently produce prime basil, has led us to develop our state-of-the-art automated greenhouse.

Our greenhouse

is packed with basil grown in nutrient-rich soil in an automated system of moving tables and tightly controlled climate. Our entire operation is technologically driven, minimizing human contact to the max, thereby eliminating most of the risks associated with traditional herb cultivation.

We combined

our unique technology and growing methods with the renowned climate of the Jordan Valley to develop fresh cut, super-aromatic basil, with a remarkable shelf life and the lowest use of pesticides on the market.

We grow

our basil from seed to first crop only (first cut of a new plant), which is when it is harvested, packed and stored in prime conditions, until transported to the customer.

Genesis Premium Herbs will forever change your perception of quality and consistency in the Basil market.

We guarantee:

  1. 100% first crop basil only
  2. Free from insects and disease
  3. Food safety control and reduced risk of bacterial contamination
  4. A longer shelf life
  5. Single grower produce
  6. The same quality  365 days a year
  7. Reliable supply all year round
  8. only 50% EU pesticides residue